Which appliance repair service In Palmdale, CA and Lancaster, CA is right for you? Here's some important information you should know before choosing an appliance repair company here in the Antelope Valley, California area.

Why Choose B&D Appliance Repair Palmdale, CA?

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It can be a little scary picking a Service Company out of the Antelope Valley phone-book. You may be looking for a Whirlpool washer and dryer repair in Rosamond, CA or a Magic Chef oven repair in Acton, CA. You don't know who they are, who they're going to send to your home, if they are going to do the job right, and most importantly, if they are going to Rip You Off!! I hate to say it but there are many dis-honest companies out there. It's always better if someone you know can recommend a company that they've used and were happy with the service and the price. I have also found that in most cases, The Bigger The Company-The Higher The Price.(That's how they pay for Full-page Ads, expensive websites, building rent, etc...)

I have always got the best service and price from "The Small Business Man". I'm a small local Business Man. I have lived here in the Antelope Valley, CA since 1983 and I support local small businesses. I keep my overhead costs as low as possible so that I can charge less than everyone else for an appliance repair. (work from my home in Palmdale, no secretary, no full-page ads in the Palmdale and Lancaster, CA phone-books, and made my own web-site, are some of the reasons). Most of my customers are either previous customers or have been referred by one of my previous customers. Sometimes though, you have to pick someone from the phone-book. You may be looking under Dishwasher Repair in Lancaster CA, or Refrigerator Repair in Littlerock, CA and you're not sure which one to pick. Some of the appliance repair companies listed aren't even from The Antelope Valley but they have a local phone number and address to make it look like they are. Many companies hire people with little training and pay them by commission. The more money they get from the customer means more money on their paycheck.

My whole purpose for writing this is to let you know that if you choose B&D Appliance Repair Service, you'll know exactly who the technician coming to your home is. Either myself, or my son Jeff. We will give you an honest diagnosis of what the problem is with your appliance and our price for the appliance repair which will be fair and reasonable. So often I'm called out for a second opinion and after I give my estimate, the customer shows me the estimate from another company and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Sometimes more than double my estimate for the same appliance repair! Sometimes trying to sell the customer a part they don't need! That is the same as stealing. The sad part is, some people don't know they're being ripped-off and they pay much more than they had to. I've never seen an estimate for an appliance repair from another company that was lower than my estimate.....

I believe if you treat your customers the same way you want to be treated, if you're honest and you're a man of your word, you will earn people's trust and they will call you the next time, they will tell their friends about you, and you will have a successful small business with Happy Customers! It's the way I was taught and the way I've taught my son. It's the way we run B&D Appliance Repair Service.

-Bob Meadows
B&D Appliance Repair Service
(661) 947-3428
Over 30 Years Experience
Repairing most brands of major appliances
Also serving Acton, CA Rosamond, CA Quartz Hill, CA Littlerock, CA Pearblossom, CA
Lake Elizabeth, CA Lake Hughes, CA Leona Valley, CA & the entire Antelope Valley, CA

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If you're trying to decide which appliance repair service to pick in Palmdale, Lancaster or the Antelope Valley CA, you should weigh out the PRO's and CON's of Appliance Repair Service Antelope Valley, CA before choosing.

2 Recent Customer Reviews for B&D Appliance Repair in Palmdale, CA

June 8th, 2012

"Bob is my hero! Many years ago he saved our Thanksgiving by coming out on that morning to fix my refrigerator when I had 20 people coming for dinner. When we said grace, my husband and I both also blessed Bob and no one knew why at the time! I called him again this week on another refrigerator and he was here that afternoon and had it fixed within a 1/2 hour. Today I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and I will recommend these repairmen to everyone I know. Sears quoted me close to $600 dollars for a new seal on my washer and told me I was better off getting a new one, B&D did the job, parts and labor, for 1/3rd of the quote. Honest, reliable, friendly, knowledgable, I know there are more words to describe them but GREAT sticks with me. Thank you Bob and Jeff!"

-Shirley Juden (Palmdale, CA)
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Why Choose B&D Appliance Repair Service Palmdale, CA?
May 21st, 2012

"I just had
Bob of B&D Appliance Service over to fix a water leak in my GE refrigerator. I discribed the problem to Bob over the phone and he calculated what it would cost to repair. He ordered the part and it arrived the next day. Bob was on the phone to me and we arranged a time to come over. Bob was actually a few minutes earlier than he said so there was no waiting. It took Bob about an hour to repair my refrigerator and it was fixed for exactly the price he quoted me over the phone. Bob also found a few other things that needed repair and fixed them for no charge. I recommend B&D Appliance Service Highly. Fast, friendly and inexpensive, something you find very rarely these days".
-George (Palmdale, CA)
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B&D Appliance Repair Invoice
Here's a sample invoice of how we break it down. Parts and Labor and Tax. No service call charge when repairs are made. Many companies give you a total price without breaking it down. Sometimes with no part number's. How do you know how much the parts were and how much the labor was? They justify this by telling you: "This way you don't have to pay any tax"...SCAM!!!!. The tax is nothing compared to how much they're over-charging you! And did they leave the old appliance parts with you? How else would you know for sure that they were really replaced?(Besides standing over the technician the entire time) We Always leave the old appliance parts with the customer! (except when there is a core charge-then we have to send the old part back to the distributor) The old parts belong to YOU! They should be left with YOU!

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Get It Done Fast...Get It Done Right...And For The Right Price!!

"If you use us once, you'll use us again !" We've built our small business by doing the right thing for the customer. Quality work with speedy and professional service at a fair price. But most importantly: "We Will Always Be Honest"

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