The Pros and Cons of B&D Appliance Repair Service in Palmdale, Lancaster and the Antelope Valley, CA

The owner of B&D Appliance Repair Service is upfront and honest about his Antelope Valley business

PRO's and CON's of B&D Appliance Repair in Lancaster, CA

When you're looking for appliance repair in Palmdale, Lancaster or the Antelope Valley CA, you want a company you can trust. Here's what you should know about B&D Appliance Repair Service.

Sometimes with a positive, comes a negative. In order to have something a certain way, you may have to give up something else to make it work. I'll explain what I mean. We have built our appliance repair business here in the Antelope Valley, CA to give our customers quality service for the best price possible. That is a very positive thing that our appliance repair customers tell us is one of the main reasons they call us anytime they are in need of appliance repair service and the reason they recommend us to their friends. People who have already used our service understand the pros and cons of how we run our business and know that the positive well out-weighs the negative. This article is for those of you who don't know us yet and haven't experienced the service and the prices we give our customers. The Pros and Cons of B&D Appliance Repair Service in Palmdale, Lancaster, and the Antelope Valley, CA.

Professional Appliance Repair Service For The Lowest Price in the Antelope Valley, CA

We have designed our family-owned small business to save as much as possible in overhead expenses. We work from our home which means we don't have to pay extra rent & utilities on a building. We are family-owned & operated. My son, Jeff, & I are the only 2 technicians. I've been repairing appliances for over 30 years now & I trained my son to do things the same way I do which is Honestly & Professionally.

Not having outside employee's saves a lot in overhead expenses and when the technician coming to your home is also the owner or part-owner of the business, you can expect better customer service. Many employees are paid a commission on how much money they bring in so their motivation is to charge you as much as they can get away with. Another word for that is "Dishonest". It's more important to us that you trust us and are happy with our service. We want you to call us the next time. I'm from the old school that what goes around comes around or "Karma". Do the right thing and good things will happen to you. If the only thing wrong with your refrigerator is a dirty condenser, then all we are going to charge you for is "cleaning your condenser". We would never try to sell you something you don't need. That would create "BAD KARMA".

Another way we save you money is, not having to pay someone to answer the phone. I answer the phone in between calls. When I'm in a customer's home doing a repair, I leave the phone in my truck and the calls go to my voice-mail. It would be rude to the customer if I was distracted answering the phone rather than concentrating on repairing their appliance. As soon as I finish the job, I return to my truck and return any calls I received on my voice mail. Besides, if I paid someone to answer the phone, they would only be able to schedule an appointment for you. They wouldn't be able to answer your technical questions like I can.

Another way we save money is advertising. We never take out full page ads in the phone books. Full Page Ads may catch your eye but they cost a fortune. Companies that buy those full page ads have to pay for them some way. There's only one way I know of to do that. That's Right! Charge higher prices to the customer. We take out smaller, less expensive ads, to hopefully attract new customers that know how expensive those full page ads are.

The internet is also an expensive way to advertise for most businesses. Paying a web design company to build an attractive website can be costly and that's just the first step. Promoting that website so it will come up on the first or second page of the search engines is even more expensive. There is only one way to get around those advertising costs and that is to do it yourself. That is exactly what I have done. Fortunately, I took typing in school for 4 years and that's something you never forget. There is no way I could even think about doing this if I didn't know how to type well. Can you imagine how long it would have taken me just to type this page if I had to do the hunt & peck method? I began learning how to build websites in 1997 and I'm still learning. SEO (search engine optimization) has taken me a very long time to learn and that is an on-going process that you have to stay on top of because things change and you have to change with them. For years, I've been getting up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning and working on and learning website and SEO techniques till about 7:30 when I have to start my day running B&D Appliance Repair Service. Roughly 3-4 hours a day, almost every day, for many years. It's 4:43 am right now as I'm writing this. It's a lot of work but because of this, you can easily find us on the internet for a fraction of what other companies have to pay.

I know that was a long story and I'm sorry about that but I wanted you to know why B&D Appliance Repair Service is able to charge much less than other appliance repair companies. It's because we work hard to keep our overhead expenses down. This should help answer your questions about Why Choose B&D Appliance Repair Service?

Now here are the Cons, or the negative aspects of running our appliance repair business the way we do. Again, this is basically for possible new customers who don't know us and haven't used B&D Appliance Repair Service yet..

Not Always Able To Answer The Phone When You Call For Appliance Repair Service
(But if you leave a message we will call you back quickly)

The first negative is: Not able to answer the phone every time someone calls us for the first time. This is a BIG negative for new people who are calling around trying to decide who they should use for appliance repair Palmdale, CA or appliance repair Lancaster, CA. They don't know us yet and they want answers now! We do lose many potential new customers because of this. I can usually call them back within 30 or 40 minutes or less but many times they've called the next business in the phone book or on the internet and scheduled an appliance repair service call by the time I return their call. Many times we could have got to their house quicker than the next appliance repairman but they don't know that and they certainly don't know that they would have paid much less for the appliance repair by waiting for us. Previous customers and referred customers will wait for us to call back. They already know they've got an honest appliance repair company and they won't have to wait long till we return their call. Many times the people, who called another appliance repair company in the Antelope Valley CA, call me back because they felt they were overcharged. I always tell them not to tell me the other company's price but just the name of the parts they replaced. I then tell them how much our cost would have been to do the same appliance repair and let them compare. They are shocked most of the time. Sometimes they have paid double or even more than double of what our cost is for the same repair. I've never heard anyone say they paid less than our price. I understand that in today's age people want answers immediately but "quickest to respond" is not always the best way to go. For me to solve this "negative aspect" of our company, I would have to pay someone to answer the phone. To me, that would create 2 new "negative aspects". I'd have to raise my prices and the person answering the phone wouldn't be able to answer your technical questions.

If you've never used us before and you get my voicemail when you call, it's worth it to leave a message with your phone number. I'll call you back soon & schedule your appliance repair as quickly as possible. I promise it will be worth the wait!!

The 2nd negative is: ........Wait,......Let me think,......................I can't think of anymore..................I guess there's only 1 !! ..........Oh, I know,....My corny jokes would be the 2nd negative!!

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