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Custom & Personalized Graphics For Your Business or Event
For Signs, Banners, Logo's, Magnets, Vehicle Graphics, Business Cards, Decals, T-Shirts and more !!
Customized for your business or special event.
Lowest Prices in the Antelope Valley, CA
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A Small Business in The Antelope Valley You Can Trust !!

Magnetic Truck Sign by Slamin Graphics & Design
Pic of my new truck signs taken with my camera phone
Magnetic Truck Signs for B&D Appliance Repair Service
created by "Slamin Graphics & Design" in Palmdale & Lancaster, CA.
Keep in mind that this is a picture of one of my magnetic signs taken with my camera phone. If it looks a little blurry that's why.

Highly Recommended by B&D Appliance Service

Bob Meadows/owner/B&D Appliance/Palmdale, CA
Bob Meadows
I believe that "Slamin Graphics & Design" is one of Antelope Valley's best kept secrets !! Gerard keeps his prices down because he keeps his overhead down. I am so impressed with the quality of his work and how low his prices are that he's my guy now for business cards, magnets, customized jackets, etc.
I highly recommend Slamin Graphics & Design. Call Gerard at (661) 943-5365

-Bob Meadows
B&D Appliance Repair Service

Radio Commercial For Slamin Graphics and Design

Gerard asked me if I would be the voice for a Slamin Graphics and Design radio commercial. This was exciting for me because my childhood dream was to be a Disc-Jockey. I was honored that he also asked me to write the commercial for him. We went down to the Bob FM Radio Station here in the Antelope Valley, CA and met Disc-Jockey Vince Garcia. Vince arranged & mixed the commercial while I narrated. The commercial is currently being played on Bob FM 103.9 here in the Mojave Desert.

Just click on the arrow below for Slamin Graphics & Design's Radio Commercial as heard on Bob FM 103.9 in Palmdale & Lancaster, CA
Slamin Graphics Radio Commercial on Bob FM 103.9
And Tell Em Bob Sent You...